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Controllers for LED Lighting
RGB and RGBW controllers

DMX controller for RGB LED lighting 288W, 24A, 12-24V DC

art. № DMXRGB24

  • Max.Output power: 12V - ≤288W, 24V - ≤576W
  • Max. Output current: 3x8 A
  • Supply voltage: DC12V÷24V
  • Static power consumption: <1W
  • Working temperature: -20 ⁰C ÷ +60 ⁰C
  • Output: 3 channels
  • Transmit signal: DMX signal
  • Mode: 9
  • Diagnostic signal indicator
  • Power off memory: Yes
  • Connecting mode: common anode
  • Warranty: 2 years

Product Feature

When used alone as a controller, with 9 modes, which could be changed by DIP switch on controller, speed could be adjusted through DIP switch when static mode; multiple decoders and LED could be synchronized controlled.

To achieve more lighting synchronization in same area with the DMX decoder, could connect UltraLux RGB signal amplifier to expand power.


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